A Safety Program for Industrial Workplaces

A Quality Training Solution

List Premier uses an innovative and Award Winning interactive approach to classroom training methods which is presently used worldwide.

The Aim

The aim of the List Premier Visual Safety programs:

  • Effective learning through the unique combination of modern technology,
  • An interactive educational approach,
  • Key learning aspects.

The importance of Safety and Health principles are highlighted throughout the Program. Facilitators and learners are reminded to STOP, THINK and DO before undertaking any task that carries risk.

Touch Board Technology

The training program comes to life through the use of an Interactive Touch Board. This is best described as a combination of a whiteboard that is made interactive through a video projector system and a computer.

Specially Designed Software

A series of lessons (modules) have been designed in order to fully incorporate the abilities of the Interactive Touch Board. Lessons are structured to Engage, Explain, Elaborate and to Evaluate each topic.

Teaching Methodology

In each CD Rom VisualSafety lesson, the following will be presented:

1. Complicated facts and information;

2. Graphics, images, photos and videos;

3. Visual displays of situations, objects and equipment;

4. Real life situations;

5. Questions and instructions stimulating problem solving;

6. Instructions and guidelines that involve learners;

7. Interactive activities through which learners can experiment with information on the Touch Board by drawing, selecting, building, changing, creating and improving objects/information;

8. Evaluations and assessments. In many cases students will be evaluated on the Interactive Touch Board, paper activities and practical activities;

9. Interactive games with a focus on reinforcing the key learning aspects.

List Premier’s innovative and Award Winning approach of interactive class room training methods is presently being used worldwide. List Premier is now applying this unique interactive classroom approach to Technical Skills Training, and Mine Safety Training.

Applying 25 years of experience in the design, development and distribution of educational software as well as 10 years Interactive Touch Board based applications, List Premier proudly presents its VisualSafety learning program.

The Audience

  • Training officers, Training managers, Training service providers, RTO’s;
  • Safety Managers and Consultants, Operational Managers and Supervisors;
  • Construction Managers and Supervisory Site Engineers;
  • Mine Managers and General Managers;