Safety Training & Safety in the Workplace

Safety in the Mining Industry and Industrial Workplaces

Safety Training

Safety in the Mining and Industrial Workplaces is of paramount importance, given the inherent dangers that exist in performing mining and manufacturing work. Aside from the obvious moral obligation towards workers to protect their health and safety, the mining health and safety legislation places an obligation on all participants in the Industry to prevent exposure to unacceptable levels of risk.

Legislation consists of stringent requirements in order to ensure that workers are adequately skilled and trained in safety systems and are appropriately inducted before commencing work on site. It is therefore imperative that inductions and ongoing training be designed to limit the chances of incidents arising. In a worst case scenario safety training and induction programs may be called in aid when:

A) Defending and apportioning responsibility of health and safety prosecutions; and / or

B) Other statutory or civil claims.

Visual Safety would enhance the effectiveness of information transfer in all safety programs, such as:-

  • General Safety Induction for (Surface and underground)
  • Construction Induction
  • Manufacturing
  • First Aid and CPR

Who Can Use Our Programs?

List Premier’s training, learning, and educational programs can also be used by industries such as:

  • The manufacturing industry;
  • The Defence Force;
  • Skills Training or VET organisations;
  • Marine Industry;
  • Aviation Industry;
  • Transportation Industry;
  • Police;
  • Fire Fighting Departments;
  • Nursing and Aged Care;
  • Automotive Industry;
  • The building industry; and
  • University courses such as Engineering, medicine, dentistry, science, languages, architecture, music, etc.

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