Managing Risks

Managing Health and Safety Risks

Effective induction and ongoing training play a key role in managing health and safety risks in the mining and manufacturing industries. Our visual display of real-life situations, coupled with the fact that students are constantly required to INTERACT and PARTICIPATE, the learning process becomes much more effective.

Learners are prepared for life because they EXPERIENCE real-life situations! Communication skills are developed and we constantly see how trainees are soon developed into trainers.

Effective Training

  • We focus on the EFFECTIVE TRANSFER of knowledge (students can make new gained knowledge their own!).
  • Our Technology and Training Methodology enhance the effectiveness of existing training programs.
  • All mines have adopted a LEARNING CULTURE in order not to REPEAT ACCIDENTS.
  • Our programs do not take away anything from trainers, but we strengthen, enhance and accelerate existing programs and increase the effectiveness of communication.
  • Visual Trade programs keep training programs consistent, but it is still flexible and gives the trainer ample opportunities to add his/her own personal value/experiences.
  • Our Visual Safety Programs enforces interaction which in itself assists with poor class participation.