Benefits for Workplaces

Advantages for Industrial Workplaces

List Premier VisualTrade and VisualSafety present a great opportunity

  1. Better work practices
  2. Lowering risks
  3. Avoiding incidents and accidents
  4. Reducing downtime
  5. Effective induction
  6. Empowering workers through knowledge and the application of knowledge
  7. Trainees become Trainers
  8. Workers and Trainees are motivated – good for morale
  9. Workers / Trainees take ownership of decisions
  10. Excellent Control System incorporated in the program
  11. Instructors are 100% in control of the learning environment and can control student activity and participation
  12. Evaluation system incorporated into each module
  13. The students/ trainees love this type of training – they find it easy and enjoyable.
  14. Retention rate (long term memory) has been seen to be as high as 94% as compared to a retention rate of 10-15% when "traditional training" is used such as simple power points.
  15. Traditional methods of teaching are not effective. Students fall asleep and get bored watching power point slides. Just sitting down and reading or writing is not enough to capture the attention and focus of the student. List Premier’s teaching Methodology captures the full attention and focus of every student.
  16. Content is understood and absorbed into long term memory.
  17. Communication skill is developed.
  18. Enhances the self-esteem of learners.
  19. Enhances leadership skills.
  20. Verbalization is important for the understanding of content – you can only explain something to someone if you know how it works.
  21. There are three stages in education: logistics (that is the actual preparation of the lesson, and that is already done by us for the teacher/ trainer); the transfer of knowledge (that is done on the interactive touch board with the teacher/ trainer navigating) and student contact (which is the interactive participation by the student).
  22. Programs are structured:
    • Lesson is stopped frequently to allow student participation.
    • Lots of activities and exercises – hands-on-learning.
    • Creativity of the students are stimulated.
    • Questions are used constantly.
    • Content structured to form short units (easy to understand and remember).
  23. The focal point in the class is the touch board. The trainer/teacher is free to focus on the students/ trainees.
  24. Knowledge enrichment takes place through the application of knowledge (application).
  25. We make use of Educational “zig-zagging” to focus on the screen and to feed the students/trainees with information, and continuously let them interact on the Touch Board.
  26. Entry points for long term memory that we make use of:
    • Visual – see;
    • Auditory – listen/ hear;
    • Kinaesthetic – feel and do;
    • Reinforcement (for long term memory) – activities and exercises;
    • Communication – with peers and superiors.
  27. The programs can be used over and over for as long as desired.
  28. The programs can be tailored to the client’s specific needs.
  29. Program is worker/student centred not teacher/trainer centred. This means it is designed to let the student (possible future trainer) get the biggest advantage.
  30. We make use of the latest technology and methodology.
  31. Interactive training on the touch board is the future of teaching/training.
  32. Very simple to use and setup the software and hardware.
  33. No special software required, only free Macro Media Flash download to run List Premier’s Programs.
  34. The Program is easy to use and to navigate by anyone, even someone with very little computer skills.
  35. The program is curriculum based. The exact information you want is there.
  36. The quality and standards are controlled – all the relevant information is on the disc (trainer/teacher can’t forget). The quality is controlled since all the information is there. Even if the trainer is not of the highest standard, navigating the software and participating in the activities will ensure all the required information is still covered, presented, and taught to the worker/ student.
  37. The minimum training is required for the trainers.
  38. The trainer/teacher can provide additional content.
  39. The trainer/ teacher can share his/her experience.
  40. It is easier for the trainer/teacher to stop and help trainees/students/workers who experience problems or who don’t understand the work.
  41. The programs can be tailored to the client’s needs.
  42. Can be done in any written and spoken language.
  43. Client can select characters used as presenters.
  44. Client can request accent of narrator.
  45. Client input and feedback is encouraged at all stages.
  46. Cost per student is very low and program upfront cost recovered quickly.
  47. The current, and especially the next generation of students, personnel, and workers are growing up with computers, e- books, ipads, 3G smart phones, video games, etc. Technology is a part of their life and unless material is presented to them in familiar forms they will fail to learn from traditional teaching methods. Power point presentations are not modern, they are out dated. Students fall asleep while the trainer talks, and talks, and talks.
  48. Capacity building is also important to List Premier. Clients using our programs are able to do the teaching/training themselves after an initial training conducted by List Premier. It is important to empower the clients for which these programs are intended, without the fear that the quality and standards will be compromised. This fact makes our programs extremely desirable in the export market. List Premier delivers education and training programs to various countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, UK, USA, Indonesia, and Latin America.

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